Innovative Team

Innovative Team

Innovative Team

It’s all about the people! NuLEAP’s team reflects broad diversity and multi-disciplinary expertise that supports our business model and approach. By bringing together these comprehensive sets of skills, we are well positioned to provide a higher level of service to our customers.

• Scientific Professionals:

Scientific professionals, with a thorough knowledge of drug discovery, development and manufacturing methodologies and processes, help ensure that our products and projects are designed with the scientist in mind. Their experience in laboratories helps us better understand the needs of laboratory personnel, and appropriately tailor our products and solutions in an optimal manner. NuLEAP has job opportunities at its India Solutions Center, located in India software technology hub in Mumbai. The Mumbai facility is easily accessible via public transportation. NuLEAP is always on the lookout for top-class engineering talent with at least 4-7 years of hands-on experience. In addition, the company welcomes promising fresh graduates as well. Fundamental analytical, problem-solving, and software development capabilities are key criteria for a position at NuLEAP. Please browse through the opportunities posted and get in touch immediately if you qualify for a particular position.

• Product/Project Managers:

Product/Project managers are responsible for the planning, designing and deployment of the Product/Project at NuLEAP. They interact with the customers to obtain their requirements regarding the product/project. They bring their knowledge of Product/Project to NuLEAP and our customers, ensuring that the Product/Project is appropriately designed, deployed and maintained. A project manager at NuLEAP has the overall responsibility for the successful planning and execution of a project. The project manager must possess a combination of skills including an ability to ask penetrating questions, detect unstated assumptions and resolve interpersonal conflicts as well as more systematic management skills

• Business Consultants:

Business consultants interact with our customers at strategic levels. They focus on working closely with the customer for Process Re-engineering and Informatics Strategy assessment and formulation. These individuals are firmly grounded in the business processes followed in the labs and have a sound understanding of the practical aspects of laboratory software and informatics applications. They understand how to strike the right balance between the needs of the scientist, the business and the underlying IT infrastructure.

• Systems Engineers:

Systems Engineers are responsible for deployment, validation and training of Laboratory Informatics applications at customer sites. Their expertise spreads across multiple Informatics Technologies and Platforms, whether developed by NuLEAP, third party vendors, or the customers themselves. They ensure that the investments made by the customer in various technologies are being properly utilized with an aim to maximize ROI by meeting operational goals.

• Quality Engineers:

Quality Engineers are responsible for managing the internal Quality Engineering process at NuLEAP. Their goal is to ensure that software being developed uses the NuLEAP Software Development Life Cycle and is of the highest quality. These engineers perform various tasks such as manual testing of software, software test automation, and test plan formulation among other activities.

• IT Professionals:

IT Professionals are the backbone of the physical computer and network infrastructure, at both NuLEAP and customer sites. They bring their knowledge of computer systems and networking to NuLEAP and our customers, ensuring that the underlying computing infrastructure is appropriately designed, deployed and maintained. Operating System Administration, Database Administration, Local and Wide Area Networking and Security are some of the skills that these individuals possess.

• Validation Specialists:

Validation Specialists perform Validation Services on Informatics Software Systems deployed at customer sites. They assist our customers in performing Installation Qualification, Operational Qualification and Performance Qualification (IQ/OQ/PQ) on various Informatics Software Systems, whether developed and deployed by NuLEAP, third party vendors, or the customer themselves. Appropriate documentation is prepared and delivered by these Specialists as they go about performing their duties.

• Software Architects & Engineers:

A software architect & Engineer at NuLEAP is responsible for making the overall design (the structure) and plan (technical and operational) for a system that is to be built making sure that every aspect is covered such as security, performance, manageability and so on with the goal to build a solid system as they have significant insight into the requirements and constraints for this system from the business, users and investors.